Zheru Jiang

I'm a product designer focusing on crafting delightful user experience. Currently, I am pursuing a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the Georgia Institute of Technology. With more than three years of experience in the creative development of digital products, I am deep down the road of solving real-life problems with emphasis on the user-centricity.

As a designer, I am naturally curious, empathetic, and eager to understand. Before I specialized in HCI, I studied industrial design for four years. The extensive design training sharpens my design problem-solving skills. A lot of problems are design problems from my point of view. Thanks to my background in traditional product design, I often perceive user experience in more depth and breadth. I aspire to create the most exciting, fruitful, yet effortless journeys for my users.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Aug 2013 - Jun 2017

Bachelor of Industrial Design

National University of Singapore

Jan 2015 - May 2017

Industrial Design Visiting Student

Georgia Institute of Technology

Aug 2017 - May 2019 (expected)

Master of Human-Computer Interaction

Product Design Intern

Jul 2016 - Oct 2016

UX Design Intern

May 2018 - Jul 2018

Principal UX/UI Designer

Jan 2018 - Present


About zherujiang.com

Thank you for scrolling down here. This website is the place I collect my thoughts and share with you my growth as a designer. I've been developing the website on my own with jQuery and Bootstrap. Building the portfolio itself, turned out to be a challenging and rewarding project. Thanks to this experience, I have the chance to reflect on my journey and develop new skills along the way.

I love to exchange thoughts with other talents. Design is always a team sport. If anything on my website triggered your thoughts, please don't hesitate to Connect with me!