anonymous post

May, 2015

There are some circumstances when you want to post status on your timeline but it's too sensitive an issue to discuss or comment. I'd like to propose an anonymous timeline, where people write status as anonym, and only their friends can see the status. Thus people will feel free to comment and share opinions. Moreover it might induce some extra fun. But still, it might cause intemperate argument and even abuse since no one knows who sent the comment. That why the anonymous timeline is only shared between friends.

limit the number of people in an elevator

july 23, 2016

Around 9 am and lunch time, the elevators in the office buildings are busy. I've experienced many times, while I was waiting outside, that the door of the elavator opens, but there was no room for another person. And when I was in the elevator, it was annoying to stop at many floors but no one could come in or out. This happens because the elevator counts the weight not the space. When there is no room for another person, sometimes the weight has not yet reached the limit. As a result when someone press the button outside, the elevator still stops at this floor. My idea for this problem is, implement some device that can measure the space in the elavator to supplement the weight. Thus it will reduce the mistake and save us some time. In terms of how to measure the space, my rough idea is that since elevators use the infrared ray sensor to control the door, it can add an enumerator to count the number of people comming in and out. Its job is to keep the number of people in the elevator under limit, to gurantee the space.

cement light

December 16, 2016

created with cement, foam, and bulb, combining softness and rigidness, coldness and warmth

Stromtrooper helmet

May, 2016

A helmet I modeled for fun

SJTU racing team

November, 2014

I was the member of SJTU racing team, we designed and built the racing car of 2014 and attended Fomula SAE 2014 as a team.

Robot crab

November, 2013

I and my classmate made this robot crab


July, 2015

This is one of my photograph that I like


September, 2015

Chinese painting

Brochure design

October, 2015

I designed the official brochure for School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, SJTU