In this 2 week challenge project of Tencent summer internship training, I was the product manager and UX designer. The project was social network oriented, we developed an app to help people make better meal choices when they are facing Choice Phobia Disorder.


  • UX Design

My Role

Project Manager UX Designer


Backstage: Yuan Rui, Wang Ning, Xiaohui Wang, Robin
Front-end: Xianghang Zhang, Maifang Hu, Yafeng Zhao
Testing: Yifeng Zhang, Di Huang

Date & Time

Jul. 2016, 2 weeks

    … background …

  • … user psychology …

  • … function points …

  • … low fidelity frame …

  • … prototype test …

  • Our team made a rough demo for test at first. We compeleted a series of tasks on the android demo.

    Initialize personal preference
    Browse through, use up 20 recommendations
    Specify preference and restart a new round
    Wait till it unfreeze and rate the item

    After the test a few modifications were made. The final UI was different from that in the rough demo, as is shown in the following

  • … showcase …

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