In order to help my friends who are struggling through long distance relationship, I came up with this idea, a pair of sense light that interact with lovers as if they were with each other.

The core concept of this is connection. Apart from lamp, the physical form has many other possibilities such as a doll, but the idea of being together shines.


  • Tangible Interaction
  • Product Design

My Role

Individual Designer Special thanks to Wenkai Zhang

Date & Time

Apr. 2016, 4 weeks

… video demo …

    … field research …

  • There are plenty of gifts in the market designed for lovers, most of which are match outfits, match bracelet, etc. These products are too silent to transmit feelings across distance. Some of the lovers app provide games that help them interact with each other. But is there anoth- er way that enhances the interaction between lovers and meanwhile retain a tangible form? The kissing toy was designed to help lovers kiss at a distance, however with its poor usability and hygiene problem people don’t want to use it.

    … interview …

  • To have a better understanding of user’s problem, I interviewed 3 pairs of lovers who have gone through long distance relationship, in order to figure out their needs.

  • … inspiration …

  • The concept of this is companionship, lovers are connected by a pair of lights, when one person comes close to his light, his partner's light is turned on. The warm glow of light render the atmosphere of love, making them feel the companionship of each other.

  • … realization …

  • … test …

  • Likely improvements based on feedback

    1. Use a more delightful form, the light should be more tender.
    2. Make it lighter or more compactable to be carried more easily.
    3. Narrow the sensitive angle
    4. Add depth to the interaction
    5. Impliment some identification system to recognize the only person

  • … amendments …

  • I designed a new shape for my "connection" light, the hardware are wraped inside, and the weight are reduced. I used 3D printing machine to make the base of my light, and used Chinese art paper to dim the light and creat romantic patterns on the body. Now that the light is more tender, it wont bother the user in case one of them is sleeping with the light on. Also, there is a switch on each light, uses can turn light on and off manually if required. In order to restrict the sensitive angle, I fixed the human-inframed sensor in the base and only reveals a part, so that the sensitive angle are narrowed.

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