• Time
  • Sept.28 2017 - Nov.29 2017
  • Team
  • Xiaofeng Gu, Zheru Jiang, Haiyue Yin, Yongzheng Zhang, Yu Zheng
  • My Role
  • Product Designer, UX Designer, Product Manager.
    I raised the project proposal and teamed up with other 4 developers to launch this application. During the ideation and developing process, I led user research, evualuation activities, designed user interfaces and organized requirements meetings.
  • Brief
  • Ants is a mobile app that helps people fight against smartphone addiction(which is ironic). It innovatively gametified time management and reward users to help them form a long time habit.
    Winner of Honorable mention of fall 2017 CIC(Convergence Innovation Competition).

In this project we developed a fully functional Android app and a partially functional web platform. You can use our TEST ACCOUNT to try our application!

External Services

The main external services we used were Firebase database, APIs including Google API to connect to Firebase and Facebook API to acquire user data when they choose to log in with Facebook.

Development Status on the Second Platform

Other than the android app, we have also developed a web platform to advertise our application and allow our users to edit tasks on the web app. Task management is made easier this way because they no longer need to pull out their cellular phones to put in the tasks while they are working with a computer, instead they can simply copy and paste. All the task data have been synchronized between our web platform and the android application.

You can use our test account to try adding and deleting tasks on the web-end platform.
Username: test
Password: test