Bounced​ is a hypothetical, ecommerce marketing company. The mission of Bounced is to build software that businesses rely on. Design a CRM (customer relationship management) dashboard for ​Bounced​ that will be used by an account manager.

Core Users

The core user for this exercise is an account manager at a small custom apparel company (e.g. someone who sells t-shirts, jackets, etc.)

Core Tasks

The CRM dashboard needs to facilitate users in these following tasks.

  • Check in with customers to see if they need any new apparel. For example, if they’re working with a school district, they might check in yearly to see if sports teams need new uniforms.
  • Use the CRM to look up details about a customer when answering an email or a call.
  • Keep track of and update customer order statuses.
  • Measure performance by reviewing how many emails and phone calls they were able to respond to at the end of each month.
  • Manage and create a to-do list of tasks.

Understand the Case

User Persona

Within the constrained time frame of this design challenge, I gained knowledge about the core user group mainly thorugh desktop research. I read articles and job descriptions in order to understand the account manager's responsibilities and their potential challenges. Then I created the following user persona.

Tasks and core functionalities

Given the core tasks listed in the design challenge, I came up with a series of core functionalities to help users accomplish their tasks.

Design Process

Information Architecture

After the core functionalities have been decided, I created an information architecture to outline the system structure. There are 5 main pages including a homepage that integrates some of the most critical information across the platform.

User Flows

1. Look up details about a customer
2. Keep track of and edit order statuses (access from two places)
3. Check in with customers

Final Solution

Dashboard Homepage
Customer Profiles - list view
Customer Profiles - details
Performance Summary