Fortipyd Logic provides end-to-end security and operational integrity solutions for industrial control systems. It is a continuous passive monitoring software that identifies and visualizes assets, detects threats through advanced machine learning techniques, and provides a management console with advanced features to respond to attacks with speed and confidence. The management console is the core of the product suite. From this integral management console, the operators can ascertain complete situational awareness of the industrial control network.

My Role
Chief UX Designer

Defined product information architecture.
Clustered and streamlined system functionality based on the typical workflow of system operators.
Collaborated with researchers, cybersecurity experts, industrial stakeholders, to define high-level product features and build the user interface from the ground up.
Conducted extensive usability testings on the system UIs and iterated rapidly to meet client needs.

UI Designer

Designed the user interface of the management console.
Worked closely with founders, developers, core stakeholders to deliver high-fidelity design containing rich interactions.
Visualized network connections, activities and high-level insights, to support both summarization and deep analytical tasks.


Dashboard is the integral information center of the entire management console. It enables users to obtain complete awareness of the industrial control network at a glance and stay on top of the critical information.

Communicate Overall Health Situation

The health score panel provides a summary of the overall security level. It's always the first place your eyes are going to land on for high-level insights and quick takeaways. Monitoring a huge system has become so simple and effortless!

Three types of key information are aggregated on this panel: overall health score, number of alerts (categorized by level of severity), subnet health score.

Subnet Group Health

Users can customize the "subnet health" section to prioritize monitoring some special subnet groups.

Monitor Bandwidth

The line graph visualizes the bandwidth change over time. To enable comparison, bandwidth of the last time period is represented with a ligher stroke.

Users can set the time span from several hours to a month.

Monitor Alerts

Unlike a lot of the other platforms that only show a list of alerts, we compute a stacked bar chart for alerts in the past week/month/year, to assist abmormality detection.

Quick Inspection

Click on the "information" icon to open up more details of the recent alert. Our system will log the action history of all the user accounts to help your team communicate about decisions.


Assets page stores complete information about all the nodes and infrastructures in the Industrial control networks. Our dynamic search function allows users to find nodes by labels, IP, Mac address, banners, and filter by specific combination of protocol and bandwidth.


Once abnormality has been detected, use inspection to help you respond to attacks with confidence. The inspection integrates some of the most thought out tools to support deep packet inspection.


For users of all different levels of engagement and authority, we help you generate monthly, weekly, hourly reports from a wide range of aspects to faciliate team collaboration.

To be continued...

Our products are based off of patent-pending technology developed by internationally recognized Georgia Tech researchers with deep knowledge of networking, cybersecurity, and industrial control systems. We are working hard on the system implementation and product design. Stay Tuned!