• Time
  • Jan. - Apr. 2015
  • Team
  • Individual Project
  • My Role
  • I took part in the "Smart Nation" initiative in Singapore and completed this independent design project. I designed the smart wearable product and prototyped the mobile user interface. We collaborated with professionals in NGO of elderly care and presented our solutions to the audience.

  • Brief
  • A smart wearable product that provides healthcare to the elderly population. It uses a series of sensors to monitor health status, gives alert when detecting abnormality, and announces emergency when triggered in specific situations. It uses WiFi for indoor locolization and users can access hospital service through the pairing mobile application.

Singapore has 300,000 elderly citizens(as 1 in 9 ratio). The population is still rapidly aging, by 2030 the number of elderly citizens is expected to triple to 900,000.

With a declining old-age support ratio and their low birth rates, it is imperative that health-care is made more proactive to guide people to take pre-emptive steps to keep themselves healthy or better manage their well-being.

User Research

We visited an NGO where we talked to 8 ~ 10 elderly people in groups. The interview took about 15 min with each person. We collected their demographic information, lifestyle, eating habits, health condition. We let them talk about their concerns regarding to managing a healthy life. Additionally, we asked about their IT experience because the goal was to solve the problem with technology solutions so that they can manage their well-being without seeking additional assistance.

After the interview, I abstracted two individual personas, each resembling a type of elderly users in this diversified country.


Pitch the solution
Design Process